A Russian woman doctor given an 15-month driving ban by Truro magistrates for drink driving would be virtually housebound at her remote home near Manaccan, without her licence, her solicitor David Munro said.

Lana McCallum, aged 43, from Gillan, pleaded guilty to drink driving at Gillan on June 5 when she tested at 55 mcg alcohol in breath, 20 points over the limit.

Anita Kennett, for the CPS, said police were told that she could be a drink driver and went to her address, where they saw her drive up, clearly in drink.

She told them when arrested that her life was over, but did not elaborate on that.

Mr Munro said her court appearance was due to someone, she did not know who, reporting her to the police.

She lived in a remote part of the county with her husband, a consulting engineer, and was deeply reliant on him for income.

That day they had been celebrating the fifth anniversary of their first going out together, and had been enjoying a couple of glasses of wine. Visitors were due, however, and there was an urgent need to buy supplies for them from Tesco in Helston. McCallum went out to shop, and was seen by the police on her return.

Mr Munro said she was Russian by birth, a qualified doctor, but had never practised in the UK.

Without transport she would be effectively housebound, with her husband as her only link to the outside world, and he worked away much of the time.

Since a teenager she had suffered from profound anxiety attacks and took prescribed medication for it. Her arrest had been traumatic, leaving her in a state of profound shock.

McCallum, who had no previous convictions, was banned from driving for 15 months, fined £400 and £125 costs and surcharge.