A wooden bench that was stolen from a shelter on Falmouth’s seafront on the night of a Red Arrows display, has been recovered from a railway embankment in Melvill Road.

The lime green wooden bench had recently been refurbished by volunteers from the Friends of Falmouth Bay who put out an appeal after discovering it had been taken.

Eagle-eyed Shelley Woods, of L&S painters and decorators, called the friends after she spotted the bench, which had been thrown over the wall into the undergrowth opposite the Falmouth Hotel.

Shaun Davie, a member of the friends and chairman of the Falmouth and District Hotels’ Association, said: “There has been no serious damage to the bench, other than a few scratches which Bruce and Rosemary (Riddette-Gregory) are repairing. It will be back in situ very soon.”

Now the volunteers will ensure the bench is bolted into place before being left.