Porthleven Town Council has declared itself “disappointed” by a leaflet promoting the port that appears to knock the council.

The Discover Porthleven 2014 leaflet contains a map of Porthleven, photographs of the area and adverts from local businesses.

There is also a brief history of Porthleven, and it is in this that it mentions “the lack of administration and interest on the part of our council.”

It later goes on to comment on the recreation ground, known as The Moors, saying: “The current trustees, charged with looking after the land on behalf of the people, is the council, who appear to be sadly lacking in their administration.”

Speaking at the last meeting of the council, town member and Cornwall Councillor Andy Wallis raised the subject saying: “I’m very disappointed – this is sent out to many areas in Cornwall. For selling Porthleven, there’s no place for this.”

He added that in his opinion the words were “bordering on libellous.”

Mr Wallis suggested the council contact the publisher of the leaflet and ask them to recall all that have been distributed.

Mike Carter, a former parish councillor who is behind the leaflet, said his comments related to the ongoing attempts at trying to prove ownership of the land, claiming the council had been “dragging their feet” for the last two years.

He said this week: “If they’re upset, good, because perhaps they’ll get on and do something about it.

“It’s not there to upset them. It’s something I’ve been involved with for many years and all I’m trying to do is get it finalised. The town council should be reminded they don’t own that land. They are only trustees of it, on behalf of the people of Porthleven.”

Mr Carter believed such comments were appropriate in that type of publication, adding: “The holidaymakers say it’s good that somebody stands up and gets something done for the community. There’s no adverse effects coming back – in fact it’s the opposite.”