Penryn Town Council’s planning committee is supporting plans for seven houses at Vinery Meadow, despite objections from around 20 residents who want to see the application refused.

The proposal seeks consent for a terrace of four, two-bedroom houses and three, three-bedroom houses with 12 parking spaces which would be built on the currently vacant plot of overgrown land. There is an existing vehicular access to the site and pedestrian steps are proposed onto Truro Hill.

Writing on behalf of the applicant, Borough Developments (Cornwall) Ltd, Nigel Bush of NHB Architectural Services said: “The development will provide a high quality residential development, thus contributing to the reduction in the current housing shortfall.”

The application was discussed by Penryn’s planning committee when chairman, Mark Snowdon advised his fellow councillors that the committee had supported a previous application, subject to an affordable housing contribution being provided. He said the latest application included such a contribution worth £16,000, along with provisions to protect a Monterey pine tree by redesigning the parking area. Councillors agreed to support the scheme.

Numerous residents, though, are opposing the plans with Sarah Clarke leading the campaign against them. She said: “This piece of unkempt land is a little wildlife haven. Badgers, bats, green woodpeckers and owls all reside and use the trees and undergrowth in and around it. Any disruption is going to further destroy and upset the natural balance of this little area.”

There are also safety concerns over parking and traffic flow along Truro Hill. Sarah Sercombe said: “My overwhelming concern is the traffic flow up and down Truro Hill. The exit/entrance to Vinery Meadow is on a blind bend and despite the recent yellow lines, traffic is parked in a manner which obstructs the driver’s view as they approach the junction. To increase that flow would, in my opinion, be dangerous as I have had several near misses despite slowing down and driving accordingly.”

Hannah Sharville added: “I feel this area is too small to fit this number of properties in comfortably. The area would be overcrowded, there would not be enough room for adequate parking and it would not be in keeping with the space and feel of the current houses on Vinery Meadow.”

Although recommended for approval by Penryn’s planning committee, the final decision will be made by Cornwall Council.