Oceanus 2, a revolutionary experimental wave energy device built at Falmouth docks, is now on location at the Wave Hub, the offshore renewable energy test facility situated ten miles off Hayle.

This weekend should see the Oceanus 2 connected to the Wave Hub.

Seatricity, the wave energy company developing the Oceanus 2, said that sea trials of the device may take a further 12 months before it is producing electricity.

The company said it eventually wanted 60 devices connected to the hub in a plan to create power for the national grid.

Installed in 2010 the £30 million Wave Hub consists of a giant “socket” on the seabed, which connects wave energy machines to the power grid by an underwater cable.

Wave Hub managing director, Claire Gibson, said: “We have been working closely with Seatricity on their first deployment at Wave Hub.”

Oceanus 2, a doughnut-shaped device constructed of marine grade aluminium was lifted into the water at the docks where specialists tested equipment before it was towed away.

A&P Falmouth was awarded the landmark contract by leading wave energy firm Seatricity.

The past few years have seen rapid growth for A&P in the offshore energy industry, thanks to the company’s focus on meeting the needs of renewable energy firms.