The McDonalds’ manager at Threemilestone, stressed through pressures with his work and home life was contemplating suicide when he stole £5,800 from the restaurant, Truro magistrates heard.

Charles Graham Middlemass, 40, of Chi an Bobel, Pool, Redruth, pleaded guilty to stealing £5,815.24 from the company between May 24-27.

Anita Kennett, for the CPS, said he was duty manager and his theft was discovered after police had been called to what was thought to be a break- in at the restaurant. Cctv showed him counting takings and float money and putting it in his back pack before leaving.

Interviewed, he said he was in a bad place at the time, contemplating suicide and struggling with stress in the job and in his home life.

He had previous convictions.

Richard Cogar, his solicitor, said Middlemass had been working very long hours and was considerably stressed, not knowing how to deal with it. He had since been referred for investigation into his mental health.

The magistrates sent the case to Truro Crown Court on July 17 for sentence.