A young sailor from Helston has become a mine warfare specialist after ending his course with a bang.

Able Rate Jake Caddy, aged 20, was top student for his course, from which he recently graduated at HMS Collingwood, Fareham, where he completed his phase two training with Victory Squadron.

Jake joined the Royal Navy in September last year for the career prospects and to travel the world.

Originally from Helston, where parents Karen and Stephen still live, the former London Marathon runner and football enthusiast spoke about being on course.

He said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed being on course with everyone, I’m looking forward to no more training for a while. I’m happy to have received ‘top student’ for the mine warfare course.”

Whilst on course, Jake represented the Navy when they provided support to areas of Hampshire that suffered flooding during the February storms.

During his 14-week course Jake was trained in the specialist areas of mine warfare, including the various types of mines, how they operate and how they’re used in war including disposal.

In addition, he also learnt how to detect mines and minefields using mine-hunting sonar and how to launch and operate the remote-controlled mine-disposal vehicle.

After successfully completing the training, Jake has now been drafted to HMS Raleigh where he’ll be drafted to his next ship.

HMS Collingwood is the home of the Maritime Warfare School, which provides training to all officers and ratings of the Royal Navy in their professional specialisations, which include weapon engineering, communications, and warfare.