Porthleven is pushing ahead with a neighbourhood plan following a successful meeting with the community.

Such a plan would influence what development takes place in the port in the future, with residents given the opportunity to give their opinions.

Discussions are being led by Alan Jorgensen of Porthleven Town Council. He described the last meeting as “superbly attended” in which members of the public were “really engaged.”

As a result it was agreed to go forward with setting up a plan.

He suggested the existing Porthleven Neighbourhood Plan Working Party be dissolved in the near future and in its place a Neighbourhood Plan Forum would be set up.

In order for it to work, however, people must come forward to fill key roles.

These include a chairman and deputy, secretary and assistant, a treasurer, coordinator and various other posts look at policy, economics, environmental and social aspects.

Mr Jorgensen warned: “If we can't fill about nine community places it just falls down and dies.”

It is hope the positions will be filled at a future meeting of the group.

To get involved speak with town clerk Corrie Thompson on 573154.