Plans for a larger, single roundabout at Union Corner in Falmouth have been formally submitted to Cornwall Council, and have already attracted some comments from local residents.

The existing double mini-roundabout will be replaced with the new one under the Cornwall Council project which has secured a £1.6 million grant from the Department of Transport's pinch point fund.

As well as the new roundabout, a new link road would be created across Falmouth School land which would result in the upper end of Trescobeas Road effectively becoming a cul-de-sac with no access onto the new junction.

“The Union Cornwall junction is a key link between the A39, the town and the town's industrial estates. This area suffers from major congestion during peak hours which impacts on local services by reducing journey time reliability and restricts future housing an employment growth in the area.

Explaining the proposals, the council has said: “Cornwall's emerging local plan identifies development sites for 3,500 new homes in Falmouth and Penryn and 12,000 square metres of new employment development. This includes significant regeneration of the Falmouth Docks area and further expansion of the Combined Universities of Cornwall.

“Without intervention at Union Corner, the towns will not be able to accommodate the growth required. Ensuring that this key junction operates efficiently is essential in ensuring the town's vitality.

“The scheme currently proposed replaces the existing arrangement of two small roundabouts with a single, larger roundabout. This will improve junction capacity, journey time reliability and facilitate local housing and employment development.”

The proposals have already prompted a few comments on the council's planning website, with Christopher Beer so far being the only person to come out in support. He said: “I am broadly in favour of this application because of the obvious benefits in traffic flow at this junction together with the long term benefits to the school with sporting and recreational facilities on one site.

“I do have concerns however that the 'cul de sac' created outside my house at the end of Trescobeas Road could a) not be large or wide enough to facilitate access and turning for delivery and service vehicles and b) that the same area could become a 'car park.'”

Others have expressed their opposition to the scheme, among them is Judith Cocking who said: “I think the proposal of a new roundabout is a complete waste of money. Apparently there is congestion along Bickland Water Road. The only times there are hold ups is at 8.30 in the morning when the mothers have parked everywhere driving, rather than walking, their little dears to school then, we have the same problem in the afternoon from 3 - 3.30 and again from 4.30 to 5.15 with the factory workers leaving work.

“I know this as I travel along this road at those times. During school holiday there are NO traffic issues at 8.30 or 3 - 3.30. The work with this waste of money roundabout will cause hold-ups and I cannot see that it will resolve any traffic issues that councillors think exist.”

The plans are expected to be discussed by Falmouth Town Council's planning committee on Monday night.

Pic of the plans for Union Corner.