Police are urgently hunting a rucksack containing 400 tablets that went missing on a bus travelling through Helston.

Officers are now concerned that the tablets do not fall into the wrong hands, as even one of the tablets could result in a person needing hospital treatment if taken.

PC Lesley Loring, from Helston police station, said: “If taken by the wrong person they could cause serious injury – they would end up in hospital. We would desperately like them back.”

The tablets were being carried by a man travelling on a bus from Penzance to Helston on Saturday.

They were inside a black and red rucksack, with lacing up the front, which also contained clothes, a dog bowl and water.

However, when the man got off the bus in Helston he left the rucksack onboard.

The bus then continued its route to Falmouth but no one has handed the rucksack in and it is now missing.

“If anybody has found the rucksack, if they could hand it into the police station with the contents we’d be very grateful,” added PC Loring, who can be contacted on the telephone number 101.

It has not been revealed what kind of tablets are involved.