Four boats have been returned to the pontoon outside the Maritime Museum in Falmouth following a winter of conservation and restoration at the attraction’s workshop.

The oldest boat to make a re-appearance is Curlew, a Falmouth quay punt built in 1905 which started life as a working boat in Falmouth at the turn of the 20th century.

Alongside Curlew is the Jonik, a motor launch built in Fowey in 1934 which is the museum’s only historic boat still in use that has an inboard engine. She was originally powered by a Thorneycroft Handybilly petrol engine, which is now in the Science Museum in London.

Also on the pontoon are Pipkin a replica Cape Cod cat boat; Daisy Belle, a traditional fishing boat restored by Ralph Bird; and Morgawr, a Bronze Age boat built at the museum using replica tools.

Falmouth Packet: