Two sailors had to be rescued off the Falmouth coast last Thursday evening after their speedboat broke down and blew out to sea.

Falmouth Inshore Lifeboat was launched just after 7.30pm, to go to the aid of the 15ft Fletcher speedboat. This had broken down off Gyllyngvase Beach and was being blown out to sea, prompting the owner to contact the coastguard for help on his mobile phone.

The lifeboat crew of Luke Wills as helmsman, Jonathan Hackwell and Tom Bird, travelled two miles south of Gyllyngvase and arrived just after 7.40pm.

The speedboat’s two crewmembers were suffering from the cold and they were taken onboard the lifeboat while a tow was put on the broken down vessel.

This was then towed back to Falmouth Watersports Centre at Grove Place and safely placed on the slipway by 8pm.