Teachers at Helston Community College shocked their departing students last week when they appeared in a Glee style music video.

A cross section of teachers – including headteacher Dr Pat McGovern, who is himself to leave at the end of term – can be seen miming to the song Don’t Stop Believing, a hit brought back to fame by American TV series Glee, which is set in a high school.

The video was played at the year 11 leavers’ assembly Thursday, to the unexpected 15 and 16 year olds.

There were shouts of amazement and open mouths when the video appeared on screen, with the teenagers giving a standing ovation at the end.

It was the idea of assistant headteacher David McDonald, who has overseen the year 11 group over the past year.

He wanted to do something special to wish them on their way, with many going on to other sixth forms, training or jobs in the area. Appearing in the video, which was choreographed by film studies teacher David Morris, are staff from all subjects including technology, English, PE and maths, represented by subject head Justine Hart.

The video ends with the teachers acting out a spoof on the Ellen DeGeneres “selfie” tweet at this year’s Oscars ceremony.