Upset when the police moved him on from where he was sleeping underneath the ramp at Truro Police Station, a 47-year-old man cut the brake lines and pipes on a police support van.

But then, feeling it had been a dangerous thing to do, he waited for the first police officer he could see, and told him what he had done.

Truro magistrates heard this when David Teesdale, of Basset Street, Camborne, pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage valued at £200 to a Devon and Cornwall police vehicle, and guilty to dangerously interfering with a Ford Transit van.

Alison May, for the CPS, said when he told the police about what he had done, he said he had been at the end of his tether at the time, having been evicted, and lost property from a fire and theft. Because no-one would help him he thought the only remedy was to commit an offence.

He told the police he had been sleeping under the ramp at the police station when he was moved on the previous evening, which upset him. When he realised how dangerous it was to interfere with the van he wanted to make sure no-one used it and so told an officer. He had previous convictions.

His solicitor Martin Pearce said he had been desperate for attention. After being told what he had done the police had been good enough to arrange help for him. He had an alcohol problem.

The case was adjourned to July 21 for further inquiries.