Residents in Cornwall are asked to remain on alert after more householders were targeted by a bogus police scam.

Offenders posing as police have contacted residents in Camborne, Redruth and Truro as part of a national scam, commonly known as ‘courier fraud’.

A Camborne man in his 60s was telephoned by a fake detective inspector from Scotland Yard claiming that someone had tried to access his bank account several times.

He was duped into transferring a substantial amount of money into a ‘secure bank account’ before he realised the call was a scam.

A 96-year-old woman was contacted in Truro  but she put the phone down without giving any bank details or money.

A man in supported living in Redruth was phoned by the fraudsters but he was wise to the scam thanks to previous police warnings and he put the phone down.

Police are warning people in Cornwall, particularly older residents, to remain vigilant, to not go along with the scam and to report any attempts to police.

Anyone with any information about this fraud can contact police on 101, quoting Op Fardel crime reference CR/072154/14.