While doubting the positive impact a proposed new roundabout would have on traffic congestion at Union Corner in Falmouth, local councillors have agreed to support the scheme, but only if nearby residents are given safe access onto the new road lay-out.

Cornwall Council has submitted plans for a larger, single roundabout to replace the existing double mini-roundabout as part of a scheme aimed at relieving congestion in the area. The upper end of Trescobeas Road would also be stopped up as part of the project and extra traffic lanes created on the approaches to the new roundabout.

While several people have voiced concerns over the proposals, only Martyn Rosevear, who lives at Woodman’s Corner, addressed members of Falmouth’s planning committee on Monday evening. He described the scheme as “dangerous and ill-conceived” claiming he would have to cross two lanes of traffic to exit his property.

“At present I can drive straight onto the mini-roundabout, but the new arrangement requires I cross two lanes of south flowing traffic,” he said. “This will be extremely difficult and |potentially dangerous. The situation is clearly unsatisfactory and unacceptable.”

Mr Rosevear has suggested to Cornwall Council that the new roundabout be moved further north to alleviate his problem, or that a new access road be created at the rear of his property directly onto the new link road leading to the roundabout.

Councillor Steve Gray said: “This gentleman should have a safe access and egress from his property and planning should look at one of the things he has suggested in order to make it safer.”

Councillor Steve Eva added of the scheme: “I don’t think this is a bad idea, but saying that I live in Trescobeas Road and it is only bad two times a day – at 5pm and at school time – apart from that it’s not too bad.

“The only way I would support this is if they put a lane in behind Mr Rosevear’s home so he and his neighbour could come out safely onto the road. If they are spending £1.8 million, I’m sure they can put in 15 to 20 metres of tarmac at the back.”

Councillor Oliver Cramp said: “There is undoubtedly congestion at the roundabout at certain times of the day, but there is at most roundabouts when people are going to and from work.
“I have some doubt that this will make much difference at all. I believe it will be a huge amount of money spent for not much gain.”

The committee unanimously agreed to recommend Cornwall Council approves the application, but with a condition that the problems over access to Mr Rosevear’s are addressed and resolved.