Railway enthusiasts have yet to decide whether they will appeal a planning decision that halted their plans in their tracks on Monday.

Helston Railway had hoped to get the signal to extend the existing railway at Prospidnick with further platforms and a car park at Trevarno Farm, previously known as Gansey Farm.

Members also wanted to build a temporary platform and change the use of two barns into a storage and maintenance area, together with a base for skincare company Organic Trevarno.

It is the second application for the group, with the first withdrawn and scaled down last year before being resubmitted.

At a meeting on Monday, however, Cornwall Council’s west sub-area planning committee voted to refuse permission on the controversial application.

Chairman of the group Richard Barnes said on Monday: “We are obviously disappointed. That’s the way things happen and we’ll move on.”

He said a decision over whether to appeal against the ruling would not be made until after the group had received more details on the refusal, including the exact wording used.

Mr Barnes confirmed that the attraction, which attracts railway enthusiasts and families from across the area, as well as holidaymakers, would continue for the moment.

At total of 119 comments have been left on the Cornwall Council website – a mix of objections and support for the project.

Among the concerns were the impact extra traffic could have on the narrow lanes surrounding the site, with the noise also an issue.

One person wrote: “A peaceful rural location is totally inappropriate for activities of this sort.”

Surface water was a problem that was described as “severe” on the road running from Prospidnick to Chynhale, compounded by the run-off water from surrounding fields. It was felt that adding a 50 metre wide access for the proposed new road would “add significantly” to this.

Those backing it, however, argued that the area relied on tourism and in order to continue the railway needed to expand and improve.

They include local people, including a teacher whose students had been inspired by a visit, as well as holidaymakers who had been to the railway while in the area.

The group already has permission in place to reinstate the platform and shelter at the site of the original Truthall Halt on the old Helston branch-line.