The Co-operative supermarket chain is looking to re-establish a presence in Falmouth by extending and converting the former Clipper Way pub at Boslowick to provide a new store with parking and a cash machine.

The company pulled out of the town in July 2009 after its supermarket at Ponsharden, which employed 52 staff, closed when the site was sold to rival Sainsbury’s. The sale followed the Co-operative Group’s acquisition of the Somerfield supermarket chain.

While Sainsbury’s continues to thrive and even plans to build a new, much larger store on a neighbouring site, Co-operative Food has revealed its plans to re-enter the supermarket wars in Falmouth.

A planning application has been lodged with Cornwall Council which is seeking consent to make alterations to the frontage of the pub, which closed late last year, install a new shopfront with the replacement of windows and doors at ground floor, and introduce an ATM.

The plans also include the construction of a small “infill” to extension to the front of the property and a new and expanded car parking layout.

In a statement to the Packet, Co-Operative Food confirmed it has agreed a deal to open the new store on the site at Mongleath Avenue and that the new business will create up to 20 new full and part time jobs.

Subject to construction work progressing as planned, and to the necessary licensing being obtained, work will begin on the new store towards the end of this year. It is expected to open early next year and will have a sales area of around 2,000 sq ft, and 20 car parking spaces.

Gareth Dexter, regional acquisitions manager for The Co-operative Food, said: “A convenience store with a strong emphasis on fresh produce will enable us to build upon an established customer base and provide an even better service for the community. The location is ideal for us, and we are very confident the new store will be an asset to Falmouth and the wider area.”

Within the planning application, it is claimed the proposals will “greatly enhance the local offer in respect to being a ‘top up’ shopping destination.” Along with the car parking, there would be provision for bicycles although customer in the main are expected to arrive on foot.

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How it could look if planning permission is granted.