Plans for a sculpture of an oyster shell which would stand almost nine metres high on the waterfront in Falmouth, have won the support of the town’s planning committee.

The Oyster, which would be installed on the small quay off Events Square to the rear of Zizzi’s, is the idea of Cornish sculptor Andy Nicholls who has developed the project with the help of engineer, Tony Cowles, and oyster expert, Katy Davidson.

The proposal is for a 8.4 metre high sculpture in stainless steel with a base containing a hydraulic ram which would move the top of the shell section to a maximum of 20 degrees in time with the tide.

Seating would be created around the base, which has a circumference of 12 metres, and would be made of reclaimed timber from Falmouth Docks.

When the application went before councillors this week, Steve Eva said: “I reckon we should be supporting things like this. It can only enhance Falmouth.”

His colleagues agreed and the committee unanimously supported the application, which will ultimately be determined by Cornwall Council.