News that plans to build two apartments on land above Penmere Station in Falmouth have been rejected at appeal, was welcomed by councillors this week.

Cornwall Council had refused the application submitted by Ann Holmes last September, but she appealed to the planning inspectorate claiming the two new flats would provide homes for her son and daughter.

Planning inspector, Gary Deane, though upheld the council’s decision and dismissed the appeal. He said: “The proposal would introduce a prominent and substantial built form into undeveloped space that, at present, positively contributes to the landscaped approach to the station and the spacious feel between the rears of some Penmere Crescent properties and the existing footway.

“With its tall two storey gable wall close to and parallel with the adjacent footway, the new development would have unduly imposing presence that would be overbearing to footway users. Therefore I conclude that the proposed development would seriously harm the character and appearance of the local area.”

Mr Deane added: “The appellant states the proposal would improve the appearance of the site and address local problems of fly tipping and litter, however, these outcomes could be achieved in ways other than by allowing harmful development to take place.”

When notice of the appeal dismissal was put before councillors on Monday night, it was generally met with approval. Planning committee chairman, Councillor Grenville Chappel said: “That is very pleasing.”