A Helston man who pleaded guilty at Truro Magistrates’ Court to behaving in a disorderly manner at Penzance on May 29 had 50 previous convictions, CPS laywer David Swan said.

Dean Harvey had been met at Penzance bus station by his partner in a car, after which an argument developed between them and he accused her of being unfaithful to him.

He snatched the keys from the ignition, threw them on the floor, stamped on them and threw them into a bush. When she went to retrieve them he took out the car battery and smashed it several times.

A member of the public saw what was happening and called the police.

Harvey, aged 38, of Cury View, Tregoose Farm, Helston, told the magistrates he had been stupid.

He had spent 28 days in custody on recall.

The magistrates fined him £50, agreeing that he should spend the morning in the court house in lieu of payment.