Local residents have won the support of Falmouth town council planning committee, after councilors opposed proposals to create a 15 bedroom block of student accommodation on a busy junction in the town.

Consent is being sought to demolish an existing building at 1 Trescobeas Road, which is next to a property which already houses seven students, and to build more student accommodation which would have 15 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and dining area.

When the application was discussed by the town’s planning committee on Monday evening, two neighbouring residents attended to voice their objections to the scheme. Richard Shapland, who has lived in Tregenver Road for 53 years, said: “This application is for 15 bedrooms, many large enough to take two persons. This development is double the size of the present building and I consider it overdevelopment of the site.

“The plans indicate there will be parking for seven vehicles so it follows that on street parking will be necessary. The road next to the site is very narrow and already used for parking by |residents. Parking will become a |problem for road safety and traffic.”

Mr Shapland also raised concerns that there would be a loss of privacy and |an increase in noise and disturbance. |His sentiments were echoed by Mr Bailey of Tresco Place who also fears |emergency vehicles would be prevented from accessing properties to the |rear of the development site. “This building is not needed and will not |add anything to the area,” he said.

Councillor Steve Eva said that as Cornwall highways have no objections to the proposals, parking and traffic could not be used as a reason to refuse the application, but he still opposed the development.

“I believe it is overdevelopment,” he said. “I am certainly not against student accommodation but I do believe to put 27 units in this area, considering the Rosslyn Hotel has permission for 18 flats, would be too much on that corner.

“I would prefer to see students living in bigger blocks rather than taking over houses, but I just believe this is the |wrong place.”

Councillor Diana Merrett, though, said: “We do need a lot more places for the students that will be arriving. I take on board everything the objectors are saying, but we will find it very difficult to stop this application from going through.”

The committee voted four to two to recommend Cornwall Council refuse the application claiming it would be overdevelopment of the site, not in keeping with the area and result in a loss of privacy for residents in Tresco Place.