Details are still being sought on 14 men who appeared on the St Keverne Role of Honour for World War One.

Out of the 115 names who served in the war for the parish, the St Keverne Local History Society has got details on all but 14, who appear to have no connection with the parish.

Terry Moyle is carrying out the research in preparation for the group's annual exhibition in August, which this year will be a World War One special.

He is looking for any information on the following men: Alfred Bartley RN, possibly born in Helston in 1896 the son of Alfred and Ellen Bartley; Leslie Fisher RN; Richard Parnell Volunteers; Cecil Henry Pascoe RN, born in Helston in 1897 the son of Henry and Amelia Pascoe; Charles Edward Pascoe 1st Devons, born Helston 1896 brother of the above; William Henry Pope Royal Field Artilleryl William Richards Reserve Battalion Yeomanry; Thomas Robinson National Reserves; Charles Rowe 3rd DCLI; Ernest Sleeman 4th DCLI, killed in action and his name appears on Paul War Memorial; Alfonso Smith 1st Gordon Highlanders; John Turner Volunteers; William Vincent 5th DCLI; William Charles Washington 4th DCLI.

Research has also been completed on the names on the St Keverne and Coverack war memorials.

Interestingly, two names are omitted from the St Keverne memorial - those of Frederick Edgeworth, who was a coastguard at Porthallow and killed when HMS Vanguard exploded at Scapa Flow in 1917, and Charles William John Smith (RN Petty Officer) who was a coastguard at Porthoustock and is on the list of naval casualties who died of disease in 1916 and is buried in St Keverne.

Although the group already has much information on all the other names on the war memorials and roll of honour, the St Keverne Local History Society would still like to hear from anyone with further details or photographs of their St Keverne ancestors who served in World War One.

Contact Terry Moyle on 01322 862368 or email