It was red face time for Porthleven councillor Andy Wallis when he helped launch an educational ‘sex tape’ featuring the Kernow King (we’ll get to this later).

It was not the delicate subject matter that was causing the blushes, however, but a rather unfortunate faux pas.

Promoting said video was a table scattered with take home promotional items – pens, information leaflets, lollipops; the usual kind of thing.

The ever thoughtful dad, Andy announced that he would take home a lollipop for his son, who is 11.

Except it wasn’t a lollipop. It was a condom on a stick.

Finally, a brief word, as promised, on the ‘sex tape’ involving the Cornish ‘King’ of comedy.

Forget Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson, though – this tape is purely for educational purposes, naturally.

It has been produced in Cornwall to encourage young people over the age of 15 to discuss safe sex and uses humour to get them talking.

Leading man Ed Rowe, aka Kernow King, said: “We didn't want to scare young people about sexual health, but look to bring it to the forefront of their thoughts when the time is right.”

And what word from the man of the moment, Andy? He said: “This new resource will make a real difference to our young people. Not only will it help them to be healthier, it will also encourage them to have the kind of conversations that really matter.”