Parc Eglos School is celebrating the best results ever from pupils, which it is putting down to new ways of teaching and learning.

In the recent standard assessment tests for year six, more than 90 per cent of English and maths results were level four, ten per cent above the national average.

Headteacher Brett Dye spoke of his delight, saying: “Our results have always been on or above the national average, but what we wanted to do was really raise the bar by really making children believe in themselves.

“I believe if you keep on doing what you always do, you will get what you have always got!”

This has never been truer than in year six. This particular group of children were the lowest ever achieving for the key stage one assessments four years ago and the teachers are now celebrating them being the highest ever achievers at key stage two.

Two address this, every child in year six was given an adult mentor who gave up their spare time to talk through any difficulties, offer encouragement and lead the child in the right direction.

The children were told who their mentors were in an X Factor style welcome ceremony, with each mentor going through a rigorous training session in September.

The school offered a free after school club called the 'Adventure Zone', where children faced a number of mental and physical challenges aimed at developing their leadership skills and giving them the confidence.

Different mathematical projects, involving schools in the Southerly Point Co-operative Trust, were also carried out. There was a 'gifted and talented' maths group involving the brightest year six children within the Helston based trust and there was also a double decker maths group, where different maths challenges took place upstairs and downstairs in the famous Parc Eglos double decker bus.

Maths co-ordinator Katie Bevan led an able girls maths group, while teachers and teaching assistants gave up their time to arrange extra numeracy and literacy challenges.

Teams of children took on extra responsibilities during lunchtime, which supported the management of the school, such as the environment team, office team and playground helpers.

Mr Dye said: “We adapted new systems to compliment some very successful existing ones in year six, with everyone in the school, including governors, giving support. Well done to year six teachers Karen Harrison, Katie Bevan and their team of teaching assistants who worked tirelessly to achieve some amazing results.”

He also thanked the parents who supported the school through the changes.