Helston Theatre Company is about to cast its next production, Theatre Workshop’s acclaimed musical Oh What A Lovely War.

This November members will be performing the "thought provoking and humorous tribute" to the millions who served in World War One, as seen from the ordinary soldiers' point of view.

Jonathan Geer is directing the production and is looking to assemble a cast that are happy to play a large selection of characters who act, sing and dance.

Paul Blaber, from the group, said: "The show has something for everyone, as it is a challenging ensemble piece of theatre, which has been popular with both audiences and performers since it was first presented 50 years ago.

"However, it is as relevant today, as we remember the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One, as it has ever been."

Anyone interested in being a part of Oh What A Lovely War should go along to the launch evening this Friday, July 11 at 7pm, at the Epworth Hall in Coinagehall Street, to find out more about the show and see how the production is going to work.

For those unable to make Friday evening but who are interested in being involved, either as a performer or on the production team, contact Helston Theatre Company on 07890 780855 or via the group's Facebook page.