Penryn councillors have supported several traffic measures proposed by Cornwall Council, with the exception of the removal of disabled parking spaces in Permarin Road.

The council supports a proposal to limit the speed of vehicles travelling along College Hill to 20mph to protect a new development there. A proposal to implement a no-waiting zone on Dunstan Close, which had been requested by residents following concerns over parking and emergency services access, was also supported.

Regarding a proposal to install a toucan crossing with a central island on the A39 at the Kernick Roundabout, with a combined cycleway and footpath leading onto Kernick Road and Antron Hill, Councillor Martin Mullins said: “These proposals are about road safety. We can’t possibly object.”

A proposal to remove disabled parking bays from Permarin Road, put forward by residents on the grounds that they were no longer used, was not supported.

Councillors questioned whether or not the bays were still in use, because although the people they had been installed for might no longer need them, that does not prevent their use by other disabled people.

It was decided that if the parking spaces were retained, the council would investigate ways to make disabled people aware of them.