A warning has gone out after a man approached a shopper in Falmouth asking for money, two weeks in a row.

Jo Walker, who lives in the town, now wants to make other shoppers aware of what she believes is a scam.

Mrs Walker was first approached by a man in Webber Street on Thursday, June 26, claiming he had lost his wallet and asking for £4 to get back to Redruth.

She said she was unable to help and thought no more of it – until he approached her again, on the same day of the week, last Thursday and began to use the same excuse.

“I thought, ‘I know your face.’ He started to say, ‘I’ve lost my wallet’ and I said, ‘Stop, you used that spiel on me last week.’ “He looked shocked and walked on.”

Mrs Walker said she wanted to raise the issue in case he approached more vulnerable shoppers.

“He could accost some little old lady and they’d probably give him £5,” she added. “Webber Street is relatively quiet. It’s strange – it’s the same day of the week. It was obviously a scam.”

Mrs Walker described the man as having dark blond hair and said she had contacted the police.