Education catering specialist Taylor Shaw has won a three year contract worth £400k to provide catering services to four schools in Camborne, with plans including a Costa coffee shop at Camborne Science and International Academy.

The company says its "commitment to innovation" has created four eateries on site at the Camborne Science and International Academy, including live theatre cooking, a delicatessen and a Costa coffee shop for students to choose from.

The coffee shop will "only" be open to sixth form pupils, teachers and adults, however experts have raised concerns the company's move in to schools is to ensure brand loyalty at an early age.

With the company moving into over 70 schools nationwide, concerns have also been raised about the health implications, and not only about caffeine. Some Costa chilled drinks have been found to contain large amounts of sugar.

A Sunday Mirror investigation claimed that its medium Toffee Creamy ­Coolers contain 81.6 grams of sugar – the same as 31 digestive biscuits, or just under 20 teaspoons of sugar in a 450ml cup. Adding that it also contains "the entire recommended daily amount of saturated fat for a woman".

Jim Lovett, Group Managing Director at Waterfall, Taylor Shaw’s parent company, said: “Our partnership with the schools in Camborne is based on a service investment to bring our catering offer in line with food provisions students will see on a daily basis in the high street.

“We are engaged in constant discussion and feedback with the clients and pupils at the schools in order to understand their needs and serve a tailored menu of delicious meals.”

A spokesman for Camborne Science and International Academy said: “The café will have its own management team who will ensure that no students other than sixth formers are allowed in.

“CSIA has outstanding discipline and behaviour with set systems, procedures and rules which the students abide by.

“All these measures will ensure that the café is used by sixth formers and staff only.”

The school's vice principal Andrew Dodd said that students working at the new café will "manage their time between lessons and learning, giving them the opportunity to earn a wage while continuing to study for their A levels prior to leaving for university or to the world of work".

dding that students can "continue their studies as-well as gaining an array of valuable skills and experience to add to their CV".