A jet ski and Falmouth’s inshore lifeboat have rescued a boat which was drifting towards the Manacle Rocks.

The RNLI were called by Falmouth Coastguard just after 8pm on Friday, July 11, after the skipper of 17ft open boat Berty requested help when his craft suffered engine failure and was drifting towards the rocks.

The boat arrived on scene around 8.30pm and found that a jet ski had put a line on board the boat and was towing it away from the rocks.

An RNLI spokesperson said: “The Inshore Lifeboat took the boat in tow and headed back to Gillan Creek in the Helford where the boat was placed on its mooring at 9.15pm.

“The boat had one person on board and his dog and its outboard engine appeared to have overheated.”