A man stripped to his boxer shorts and covered himself with baby oil before telling police “remand me or I’ll kill somebody,” a court has heard.

Jarrod Westlake, aged 23, of Polmennor Road, Falmouth, admitted to magistrates in Truro that he assaulted Anna Cook, his ex-girlfriend, and Lauren Pollard, her friend, also pleading guilty to causing criminal damage to the value of £2,500 to Ms Cook’s car, at Falmouth on July 12.

Daniel Swan, counsel for the CPS, said Westlake and Ms Cook had ended their relationship the day before. The following morning Ms Cook and Ms Pollard went to where Westlake was living.

Ms Cook and defendant started arguing, and Ms Pollard joined them when she became concerned.

She saw Westlake shove Ms Cook in the chest, causing her to stumble backwards and he then punched Ms Pollard to the right side of her face.

He ran out in the road and started kicking and punching Ms Cook’s car, smashing a window before climbing on the bonnet and roof and jumping up and down, making deep dents. The vehicle had to be written off as a result.

When Westlake got down he ran towards Ms Pollard, and punched her for a second time to her neck and chin.

He started shouting, and stripped down to his boxer shorts, before coming out of the house with a tub of baby oil and covering his body with it.

When the police arrived and handcuffed him, he told them: “They’d better remand me or I’ll kill somebody.”

Westlake, who had previous convictions, told the magistrates he had no excuse for his behaviour. “I was just really drunk and under the influence of drugs,” he said.

A laundry factory worker, Westlake’s case was adjourned to August 12 after the magistrates asked for further information on him. Conditions of his bail were not to contact either of the two women or to be found in a public place under the influence of alcohol or drugs.