Motorists trapped in commuter hell after a three-car crash near Devoran last week have called for changes to the roads after gridlock left some drivers queuing for two hours.

A Peugeot from Helston, a Nissan from Loswithiel and a Volvo from Hampshire collided at 3.25pm on the A39 at Devoran, at the bottom of the Carnon Downs roundabout.

Seven people were described as “walking wounded” by police, who said there were no serious injuries sustained.

However, the closure of the road between the roundabout through to Treluswell meant a logistical nightmare for motorists on the main road between Truro and Falmouth.

They were forced to divert through the surrounding back roads, causing major snarl ups.

One driver reported taking two and a half hours to get between Truro and Porthleven.

Another, trying to get from Falmouth past Truro, wrote on Facebook: “One mile in an hour. A39 gridlock. Going home.”

Writing on the Packet website,, Graham Harris said: “Coming down from Carnon is like a racetrack.

“There’s two lanes going rapidly downhill and many cars will overtake at 70 or 80.

“There probably should be a sign saying brake now about 100 yards from the bottom.”

Another reader, known as Cornish Crusader, agreed: “Glad everyone was OK. Just surprised more accidents don't happen there.

“The approach to the roundabout is too fast – either a filter lane or, rumble strips on the approach might deter the mad chaos on the roundabout itself.”

The road finally reopened at 6.30pm, after the main rush hour.

Just hours earlier, on the Falmouth to Helston road, another incident had caused travel difficulties – this time for commuters on the way into work.

A car managed to mount a wall, with the front of the car hanging into the road, near Longdowns at around 8am last Thursday.

It caused long delays on the main road, which is particularly busy at that time of the morning.

Two crews from Falmouth Fire Station and a rescue tender from Camborne were called and made the vehicle safe.

It is not believed that anyone was seriously injured, although the garden wall came down.