Mullion Nursery saw the unveiling of their new facilities on Saturday.

Cadgwith author Jenny Steele Scolding cut the ribbon for the launch, revealing the newly renovated garden, as well as new rooms for babies and two-year olds.

The garden, which was helped along by many volunteers, including parents of children attending the nursery, proved to be a success, following great feedback.

Kate, from the nursery, said that attendance for the opening “exceeded expectations”, with many people joining the fun – among them parents and children who attend the nursery, as well as parents not met before.

Trustees of the YMCA, where the nursery is based, also attended, as well as author Mrs Steele Scolding who donated £2 from each book she sold, to the nursery.

Other attractions included a raffle and puppet show, eagerly watched by 30 children. Sid and Lizzie, a giant seagull and giant lizard, also arrived, much to the children’s excitement who wasted no time in showing the two guests around the nursery, and giving a demonstration of their “Wibble Wobble” dance.

There was a big thanks to all of the parents, as their actions helped raise more than £2,000 in one term.

Kate said the overall feedback for the event was very good, with the day judged a big success.