A whole new meaning was brought to the activity of ‘finger painting’ on Sunday as Helston’s finger signposts were given a makeover.

Martine Knight, who is a town councillor but was acting in a private capacity, and Ian Harvey-Winstanley, a member of Helston Business Improvement Partnership’s aesthetics project group, set about repainting the signs in the town centre.

It was after the town council agreed back in May to cover the cost of the refurbishments – despite it officially being the responsibility of the county. Cormac has supplied the paint.

By the end of Sunday the signpost outside the Guildhall had been completed and the signs in Coinagehall Street and Meneage Street will be tackled soon.

Martin Searle, town centre regeneration office, said: “The project is a good example of several organisations working together for the benefit of the town.”

It was agreed the town should arrange the project after hearing at a previous council meeting from Mr Searle.

He said that although the signs were the responsibility of Cornwall Council, he understood the necessary work would “not be a priority” in the budgets allocated to Cormac as they did not relate to the safety of road users or pedestrians.

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The finished fingerposts

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