A man who caused problems in a deli shop at Praze an Beeble threatened the owner and staff, saying: “I eat little boys like you for breakfast.”

Stephen Collick, aged 45, of Park Close, Nancegollan, pleaded guilty at Truro Magistrates’ Court to using threatening behaviour with intent to cause Nicholas Allen harassment, alarm or distress on March 27.

Daniel Swan, counsel for CPS, said Mr Allen, the deli owner, had seen Collick opening car doors in an attempt to get a lift from somebody, before he went into the shop where he asked for a lift and then demanded to have a taxi ordered. When this was refused he became abusive and threatening.

When he left the shop, he stopped a car by standing in its way and asked the female driver to let him in. When she refused, he prevented her from moving, and asked again for a lift before she managed to manoeuvre out of his way.

Collick, who had previous convictions, told the police he could not remember any of this.

In court he said he had had a few drinks the night before. The next day he had collected his prescription for Valium and did not remember anything after that. He said he had a bad alcohol problem, and the court heard he had been drinking between four and six litres of cider a day.

Collick was fined £110 and £20 victim surcharge, but detained in court in lieu of payment.