A GRATEFUL mum has hailed her five-year-old son a hero after he dialled 999 when she collapsed at their home in Penryn last week.

Dylan Clarke contacted emergency services when his pregnant mother Aimee, 24, lost consciousness due to a drop in blood pressure while preparing to move house on Tuesday.

He remained calm enough to dial 999 and help ambulance and police locate the house, on The Terrace, before going to nearby takeaway Chilli’s to find an adult who could help.

Aimee said: “I was lifting something from downstairs to upstairs and must have collapsed. Next thing I know there were paramedics and police and my son surrounding me.

“I was told that he called 999, he was a hero.”

Dylan, a pupil at St Francis School, said: “My mum fell down the stairs, I had to call the police car and the ambulance, I called 999.

“I got a certificate at school for being brave.”

Aimee spent two days in hospital, while Dylan was taken in by her landlady to prevent him having to be taken into temporary foster care.

She said: “There was a big drama at the hospital, because it was a five-year-old that had called.

“Because I collapsed on a train before, if anything happened I’ve taught him what to do.

“Otherwise he wouldn’t have known, so I’m glad I’ve taught him.”

“If it wasn’t for him I don’t think I would have been found or whether I would have regained consciousness, but I wouldn’t have been able to move. So I’m lucky.

“I think all children at a young age should be taught how to do that.”

She added: “Judging by what the paramedics said he was quite switched on.”

Aimee said Dylan was “a bit scared” by all the police officers, and has been asking if he did the right thing, so she assured him that he did.

She took him to Falmouth Police Station to see if they could reassure him he had done a good thing, and to deliver thank you cards, has been unable to meet up with the officers as yet.

She added: “I know that my son’s done a brave thing and I’m thankful to everyone who helped him.”