Porthleven could soon have its own “mini library”, although the idea is still in an early stage.

Town councillors have supported it after hearing that Cornwall Council cuts will mean major changes to the mobile library system.

The council has to cut £196 million from its budget – which is on top of the £170 million from the previous four years.

One of the casualties will be the mobile library, which will either stop completely or be heavily reduced, as it is not well used.

At the last meeting of the town council, however, port and Cornwall councillor Andy Wallis suggested that Porthleven have its own library with a few hundred books – and the ability to order those not in stock, either online or by phone, and have them delivered.

Depending on the location of the library “hub” there could also be a computer, although this would need to be met by the “host” building.

To help communities set such sites up, Cornwall Council is making grants available up to £1,000 to help set up.

This is a one-off cost, and the further running costs except, books, would be met by the host building. It would also need a few volunteers to help run the facility.

Porthleven Town Council has agreed to look into the idea further, with Mr Wallis asked to talk to Cornwall Council, look at possible locations and see who might volunteer.

Writing on his blog after the meeting, Mr Wallis said: “I started off by highlighting the negative of the funding cuts. However, from these cuts, and with community support, Porthleven could actually have a better library provision – or should I say have its own library.”