There is a famous quote from the film Casablanca in which Humphrey Bogart tells Ingrid Bergman: “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.”

Cornwall councillor Andy Wallis had a similar experience in London recently, when he bumped into a familiar face.

With the capital boasting a population of six million people, who should Andy spot coming towards him? None other than the friendly face of Helston long-timer Ivan Perry.

Recalling the coincidence at last week's Helston Town Council meeting, Mr Wallis laughed: “Out of six million people, who do I bump into? Ivan. I can't get away from him.

“And guess what the conversation was? They have nice bus stops in London!”

Mr Wallis joked: “It's always nice to see a Cornishman up there invading the capital of England and good to have a chat with Ivan in a foreign land.”

Of course, in this scenario Andy must have been playing Humphrey Bogart's role - which I suppose leaves Ivan cast as Ingrid Bergman's character...

Stock photo, Ivan Perry on right hand side.