A group of Falmouth School pupils visited the town’s fire station on Monday, July 14, to receive hoodies and certificates in recognition of their achievements in building an eco-friendly racing car.

The children were being awarded following their participation in the Greenpower Formula 24 electric car competition, saw them building a battery powered car called the Fast Fire Engine before competing in an endurance race at St Mawgan Airport.

Martin Mellor, watch manager of Falmouth Fire Station’s red watch who worked with the children on the project, said: “The idea came about after helping Falmouth police with their car the previous year. With this in mind if our project were to be considered a success objectives like ‘must beat the police’ would be a priority, along with ‘must build the coolest car’.

“Funding was applied for and granted through the Service Community Chest fund and through Falmouth councillors David Saunby and Hanna Toms. MillAuto kindly agreed to sponsor the project providing us with the necessary tools to build the car, that was ultimately going to resemble a Fire Engine, complete with a ladder, and flashing blue light.

“The build began in March when the parts and the chassis painted in fire engine red arrived from Greenpower. Once a week for two hours after school at the station the students assembled parts, built, and designed the graphics for the fire engine.”

The team of nine children was fitted out with yellow crash helmets and red overalls so that they would resemble firefighters, and drivers were chosen to allow the minimum of three driver changes through each 90 minute race, before they lined up against 18 other teams for the first heat.

Martin said: “Fast Fire Engine went on to finish well beating the police in the process. “Some modifications were made for the second heat, and fast fire engine again finished credibly.

“Once the racing had finished and the teams had packed up, it was time for the presentation. To our joint delight the students picked up two awards; one for best new team, and one for the best presented team.”