A&P Falmouth has won a second important contract with Grimaldi Lines to repair the ro-ro Grande Sierra Leone that arrives next month. The company is also actively chasing other contracts with the Italian conglomerate.

Meanwhile a team of dockyard workers is installing a new ballast water treatment plant in the lpg tanker Knightsbridge which is in number 3 dry-dock.

Although A&P has installed similar systems in Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels this is the first commercial vessel to undergo such work at the yard.

While ballast water is essential for safe and efficient modern shipping operations, it may pose serious ecological, economic and health problems due to the multitude of marine species carried in ships' ballast water. IMO has drawn up new regulations that will address the matter.

The Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention requires that vessels have a ship-specific Ballast Water Management Plan, a Ballast Water Record Book on board, an approved ballast water treatment system and an International Ballast Water Management Certificate.