An elderly couple were in the right place when their car caught fire outside Falmouth Fire Station.

The husband and wife, believed to be from Mawnan Smith, stopped almost directly opposite the station, near to the Falmouth School sports field, just after 9am.

However, they initially appeared to be unaware of the drama as a member of the public was forced to knock on the window of their VW Polo to alert them.

Members of Blue Watch, at the fire station, did not have far to go when they were called to deal with the car.

They were already ready to go, having been about to set out on a non-emergency job when the call came in.

The crew put out the flames before pushing the car back over the road where it could be kept safely until it was collected.

Meanwhile the couple were taken into the station for a calming cup of tea, while they waited for a relative to pick them up.