Emma King Flushing Primary school held a prize-giving ceremony on Wednesday July 16, as a reward for the pupils’ dedication and hard work throughout the year.

The prize giving began at 2.15pm, so all the children were able to attend. Prizes were given for a variety of different achievements, from attendance to kindness, from commitment to creativity and different class awards.

The school wanted to ensure that, as far as possible, every child got their chance in the spotlight either through a nomination or through receiving a reward.

The attendance for this event was very good, with many parents arriving to watch the ceremony.

Head teacher Mark French said: “All the children have achieved something this term, from certificates to medals to cups.

“It’s really important that all the children have their moment and receive praise for what they’ve done.”

Back row - Hank, Felicite, Suki, Berry, Jack and Romi Middle - Connor, Edward, Jake, Arielle Front - Finley, Orion