Falmouth charity supporter Nicola Congdon has found a new home for her collection of hens, cockerels and ducks thanks to her dad taking a wrong turn while driving her to college.

Nicola, of Langton Road who sells the eggs her hens and ducks lay to raise money for Project Primrose which supports an orphanage in South Africa, had been forced to relocate her brood after being given notice to quit land at Treliever.

An appeal in the Falmouth Packet led to a few offers of back gardens and the like, but nothing large enough to accommodate all her birds and their cages and runs. Just as she was beginning to despair, she stumbled across two plots of land between Treluswell and Mabe.

“Dad was driving me to college and took a wrong turning to go to Rosewarne instead of Newquay and we saw a sign for this land,” she said. “We came back in the afternoon and I’m now renting two plots.”

While Nicola has managed to contain all her birds on one plot, she has plans to expand into the second and build a duck pond and create a vegetable patch.

She currently has about 30 chickens, including nine cockerels, and a handful of ducks. Her 20 egg-laying hens produce about 15 a day which are sold to individuals and restaurants, bringing in about £50 a month for her charity.