The village of Coverack is set to have a defibrillator thanks to the drive of one woman.

Pam Patten sadly lost her husband following a heart attack and decided that the village was in need of the potentially-life saving device. Her inspiration brought the village together to raise the necessary funds and within weeks they were secured.

The defibrillator was obtained at a subsidised price due to the kind assistance of Paul Williams and the Ronnie Richards Memorial Charity.

Generous donations were received from many Coverack residents and visitors. Grateful thanks also go to Lizard 2000, St Keverne Parish Council, Cober Valley Rotary and the Helston/Lizard Inner Wheel. Almost 400 pounds in donations were also raised through collection boxes in The Paris Hotel, Brenda's Shop and The Old Mill. Fundraising events were both vital and entertaining, such as the tea lights being lit and placed on Coverack beach to produce a mesmerising effect with the tide.

Now installed on the Coverack Information Point, the defibrillator's usage requires training, which has been provided by former paramedic Vanessa Millar to many villagers and many still to come in the following weeks. Twelve-year-old Dan Beadle was the first young person to complete the training course, leading the way forward to a much safer future in Coverack. Thanks are also to be given to Caroline Beadle of Coverack Space 2000 for her organisation of the training.

To celebrate the successful installation, Pam Patton organised the 'Music for a summer's evening' concert in Coverack Church on Saturday July 19, which was received with a great turnout. The collection was donated to the Ronnie Richards Memorial Charity.