A drink driver from Falmouth who came to the notice of police when he accelerated away fast from a junction at around midnight told Truro magistrates it was due to a pedal fault on his vehicle.

Roy Burgoyne, 49, of Killigrew Street, Falmouth, pleaded guilty to drink driving after officers who stopped his vehicle in Redruth smelt alcohol on his breath, and he failed a roadside breath test.

He later tested at 89 milligrams, nine points over the limit.

Burgoyne said in court that because of the faulty pedal on his car he had had to put his foot down, but would soon after have slowed down. He accepted that he was over the limit, having had two small glasses of wine and not having eaten anything all day. The offence was something highly unusual for him to commit.

Burgoyne, who had no previous convictions, was fined £250 and £110 costs and surcharge and banned from driving for 12 months.