The volunteers of Glasney Greenspace Redevelopment Project (GGSRP) spent a hot and sticky Saturday clearing parts of Penryn’s Glasney Valley, and made a couple of surprising discoveries.

Members of the group spent time clearing away an area that was once a children’s play area, and found a large section of brick paving underneath the cover of gravel and leaf mould, with a nearby set of steps leading down to the river.

The group also cleared litter from the river and the playing field, cleared one of the bridges and attempted to dig a temporary gulley to aid with drainage, and added concrete seating to one of the pathside follies, as part of Love Parks Week.

Pip Carlton-Barnes, secretary of GGSRP, said: “The GGSRP were delighted with the hard work and support that people put into the ‘Clean up Glasney' day on Saturday. “We were particularly blown away with the number of children and young people who came and dedicated so much energy and without a single word of complaint.”

The volunteers assembled at the field at around 10am, and some of them laboured through until 7.30pm, with a break for pasties and saffron buns on the field in the sunshine.

Pip added: “We must say a huge thank you to Cormac for their brilliant Volunteer Toolkit initiative. It had everything we needed and they even came to collect a very large pile of fly tipped rubbish and litter.

“There is still much more we have to do but Saturday really showed how much can be achieved when a community comes together. I think we have a lot to show off and be proud of at our fun day in September.”

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