A teacher who has overseen the education of Helston schoolchildren for three decades has retired from Nansloe Academy.

Katie Rosevear first joined the school as a student teacher in 1975. She then returned in a full time role in the 1980s.

Catherine Cooke, assistant principal at Nansloe, said: “She will be missed terribly. What will happen is we'll say, 'Why has nothing been done on that?' and it will be because it's something Katie picks up automatically!”

Pupils from every class made cards for Mrs Rosevear, an infant teacher who has spent the majority of her career teaching year one.

A special assembly was held where children through the school shared their memories of being in her class, and past teachers returned to pass on well wishes.

Then, at a leavers' assembly for year six pupils Mrs Rosevear was presented with a gift from staff and parents - an array of items for her garden, including planters and a bird bath.

In the evening a joint retirement and 60th birthday was held at the Godolphin Club, for colleagues and her family.

Following retirement Mrs Rosevear is planning to spend more time in her beloved garden - hence the gift - and see more of her family, including her grandchildren.

Born in Meneage Street, Helston, Mrs Rosevear now lives with her husband in Mullion.

A real “local girl” she organises the school's Flora Day dancers each year and has also danced in the Midday herself.

It is hoped she may return to the school on occasion as a supply teacher.