A reunion held for those who previously worked at the Wincanton Garages company in Helston was met with “excitement and joy”, according to its organisers.

Taking place on Saturday, at the May Tree in Helston, most of those invited were able to attend, with a turnout of 70 former members of staff.

The reunion ended at 11pm, with attendees claiming they now “can't wait for another.”

Roy Christophers, son of the company founder and former Director of Wincanton Garages Ltd until 1990, said the evening flew by, adding: “The time just went.”

David Gray, former company foreman, who helped to organise the event, said: “The weather was right; everything was right. It couldn't have been better. It was special for everyone.”

The organisers also wanted to give a “big thank you” to the staff of the May Tree, and “a special thanks to the restaurant manager.”

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