Two people in a yacht which had become caught on a lobster pot marker were rescued by Falmouth’s inshore lifeboat last week.

Falmouth Coastguard called the RNLI just before 2pm on July 30 to assist the 35ft yacht Baltic Seal which had fouled its rudder on a buoy 1 mile east of the Helford River.

A spokesperson for the RNLI said: “The inshore lifeboat crew helped to free the yacht’s rudder and having confirmed that no damage had been caused to the yacht so at 2.38pm it proceeded under its own power back to its mooring in the Helford leaving the inshore lifeboat to return to its station.

“The inshore lifeboat crew needed to cut the line to free the yacht but attached a new marker buoy to ensure the fisherman was able to recover the gear.”

The RNLI volunteer crew was: Andy Jenkin (Helmsman), Luke Wills, Tom Bird