The achievements of students at Falmouth School were celebrated during their last week of term with the presentation of awards to youngsters from year seven through to ten.

The award winners had been chosen by their heads of progress for either having the top levels of achievement or the greatest levels of progress made in their year since starting at the school.

In year seven achievement awards went to Will Daniell and Isabel Mayes and the progress accolade went to Daniel Appleyard and Elizabeth Holland. Head of progress for the year, Sarah Gould, said: “I am absolutely delighted with the way the year group approached their end of year exams and give special congratulations to Will, Isabel, Daniel and Elizabeth for their determination and commitment. They are a credit to the school.”

The year eight achievement awards went to Samuel Holland, Theo Fleming and Alice Emsden and the progress award to Kieran Coombes and Mabel Radmore. Their head of progress, Rich Edmonds, said: “I am thrilled with the outstanding progress and achievement that these students have shown, and would also like to praise the whole year group for their work.”

In year nine, Tadhg Cullen, Cameron Jarmain and Amber Luckett received recognition for their achievement and Jake Underwood and Charlotte R for their progress. Head of progress, Ben Lumbers, said: “Year nine exams sees the culmination of three years’ work, that is often hard, usually enjoyable and hopefully both. The level of achievement and success across the year group meant that identifying these students as stand out was no easy task. Whilst I congratulate the entire year group for both their commitment and endeavours, these five pupils truly stand out for their exceptional achievements.”

Laurie Fripp and Madeleine George won achievement awards in year ten and Will Luscombe and Anna F the progress awards. Shaun Moore, head of progress, said: “There have been many wonderful results in year ten and I would like to congratulate all our students, however, the students selected for these awards deserve special recognition for their efforts. They have approached their exams with maturity and I am sure we will be celebrating their incredible GCSE success in a little over a year's time.”

In addition to the main awards, a group of talented scientists were recognised for their hard work, progress and achievement in their year nine science exams. All the students are following the GCSE separate science course, starting their GCSE studies a year early. They have all made “fantastic progress,” which is a reflection of the hard work of both the students and their teachers during their time at Falmouth School.

The students recognised for this exceptional achievement in science were Katie A, Zoe C, Zyra C, Eleanor D, Minnie H, Cameron J, Evie J, Amber L, Cormac M, Daniel M, Abby M, Kirsty N, Nathan P, Charlotte R, Jake U and Grace W.

Falmouth Packet:

Madeleine George, winner or a year ten achievement award, with head teacher Brett Miners.